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quail hunting

Quail hunting is one of the most common types of hunting with a pointing dog. It is ranked among the universal ones, because, having certain natural data, the quail moves more on the ground than it flies. This bird is the smallest member of the chicken family. On average, the mass of one representative of this winged species reaches 120 g, only in the autumn season, when the birds are a little fattened, increases by 70 g.

Quail hunting with a dog leaves a lot of lasting impressions. The hunting dog is patiently waiting for the command "seek"! The dog, having received the command, starts combing the field by shuttle. It is better to direct the dog to the grassy areas of the field, since quails take refuge in such places. These birds do not like to fly, and during feeding they move on the ground. When a dog approaches, quails hide in the grass until the last moment and take off from under their feet. When the dog smells the prey and starts pulling, the hunter should quickly move to his four-legged friend. There is never a long stretch when hunting these birds. The dog can lift quail in two jumps. The hunter needs to aim accurately and when the bird is at a distance of 15 meters from the hunter, you need to shoot at it. Next, the dog needs to be given a new command, and after a while it will raise a new quail into the air. The hunter must quickly reload the gun, as quails are hiding in the grass for several birds.

duck hunting

Any hunter would agree that spring drake hunting is more like a mood hunt. There is nothing more exciting and interesting than hiding in a shelter, waiting for the arrival of birds. And the soul will start up from the whistle of the wings of approaching ducks, and the heart will beat from this exciting sound. It worked! The decoy duck let out its call, and a drake landed nearby.

Duck hunting is the most popular, widespread and democratic type of hunting in our country. Duck hunting is quite simple, interesting, and most importantly, accessible to many. Ducks can be found anywhere: near a village, a suburb and even a large city, on river bays, in backwaters of ponds and lakes. Every hunter can afford to hunt ducks, including those who do not have great financial resources. It is for this reason that after the opening of the new summer-autumn season, everyone goes to nature: both beginners and experienced hunters, both mature and young - for all hunters there will be enough space, game, and most importantly, everyone can get one. the necessary positive emotional charge that communication with nature gives. You can hunt a duck in a variety of ways: from a decoy, from an approach, on flights, with a dog, from a boat.

capercaillie hunting

In the last days of March, hunting for wood grouse on the current begins. Fishing for him has always been a popular and gambling hobby in Russia. Because this is not only an opportunity to be alone with nature and catch big game. Hunting for wood grouse (a very sensitive and cautious bird) is also a sporting event, a test of cunning and skill.

Any person at least once in his life wants to leave everyday life and find himself somewhere in a distant wonderful country. Where an atmosphere of peace, joy and happiness reigns. A farm is located 60 km from Tyumen, the richness of its lands - impenetrable swamps and pine forests - have become a real paradise for those who like to hunt.

The Gallic rooster (capercaillie) is a rather rare and extremely whimsical bird. He usually settles in the depths of forests and never lives near human habitation. People call him the lord of the forest thicket.

Before sunset, an experienced hunter takes the hunter along swamp paths to the edge of a pine forest, where up to 10 birds usually flock. This reconnaissance is called evening listening - this is how the exact location of the wood grouse and their number is determined. Evening mating does not last long, the wood grouses fall asleep and now you can go for the night.

Long before dawn, the hunter returns here and, frozen in anticipation, begins to observe ...

At first, the horizon slowly looms with a crimson border, filling the sky with pink and scarlet hues. Dim stars will quietly dissolve in the endless sky, giving way to sunlight the right to life.

On the branches of pine trees, awakened capercaillie shook up, and the life-affirming symphony of spring mood rang with its power. Having looked at this miracle of nature, you will believe in a fairy tale, and you will want to listen to it again and again.

In the midst of toking, you can begin to approach the song of the wood grouse. First, the hunter swiftly approaches the male by two or three steps and freezes. After waiting for the next knee, he takes a few more steps. We must not forget that the deaf bird sees perfectly. And if during the night approach it is not necessary to hide especially, then with the onset of dawn it is necessary to approach the capercaillie on the current without going out into open places.

And then came the long-awaited moment, a finger touched the cold metal of the trigger ...

Shooting is allowed only at male wood grouses. Nature abhors cruelty and unprofessionalism. Therefore, only a patient and attentive hunter returns home with a trophy and a sense of pride. After all, he is a breadwinner, tracker and well-aimed shooter who followed the laws of nature and kept its delicate balance.

Dates of the hunt: end of April - beginning of May

grouse hunting

The hunt for the grouse on the current begins at the end of March and therefore is considered the most delightful and exciting. The richness of the colors of the awakening nature is excitingly intertwined with the brightness of impressions, the expectation of something mysterious and unusual. The incomparable song of the leaking black grouse, to which the ancient world once listened, will make the heart of any hunter start to shake.

The most common type of grouse hunting is shooting a bird from a hut. Such a hunt begins at night. The hunter, carefully, so as not to disturb those who sleep near the blackcocks, makes his way to the previously built hut. With the first rays of dawn, an unforgettable and exciting sight opens up to his eyes - a large cluster of singing blackcocks.

Here one of the males interrupts his iridescent muttering, snooty "chuffs" and, flapping his wings, swoops up to the nearest rival. Feathered warriors converge in a clearing in a fierce battle. Feathers fly in all directions, roosters jump on each other, and other males fight and sing around.

Somewhere nearby, a female black grouse cackled invitingly. The roosters began to sing even more recklessly, and the fights became even more fierce.

Hunting for Kosach continues in the evenings, but the current is no longer so numerous.

A common practice is to hunt for black grouse from the approach. Usually such a hunt is organized in autumn using dogs. Successful completion depends only on the habits of the bird and the experience and luck of the hunter.

Dates of the hunt: end of April - beginning of May

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  • Grouse
    4 000
  • Woodcock
    1 500
  • Duck
    1 500

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