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what is interesting about moose hunting

Moose hunting is adrenaline! It is impossible to convey the feelings of the hunter, to whom the elk responded to the waba.

As one foreigner put it, "moose hunting is the ultimate sport."

Animal meat has a minimal content of fat and cholesterol, it is environmentally friendly, it contains a lot of iron and phosphorus. In terms of taste, elk meat is not inferior to beef. Separately, it should be said about elk fat - it is not only valuable, but also fragrant and pleasant to the taste. The hunting season is not entirely furry, but the skin of an elk, with skill, can be turned into a wall carpet that will perfectly decorate the wall of a country house, apartment or office.

Roar hunt

This is a moose hunt for a waba in autumn , during the mating season, when the senses of a moose are dulled, and it is relatively easy to get close to it at a fairly close distance. There are usually two hunters involved in such an event. One "wabit" (makes sounds similar to the roar of a moose or moose), the other holds the animal in front of the gun, waiting for the right moment to shoot. You need to get close to the animal as noisily as possible - the crackle of breaking branches imitates the approach of an opponent, and the elk can rush to meet in anticipation of a duel. Adrenaline and a lot of thrills when hunting moose on a waba are guaranteed.


The second no less interesting type of hunting is a corral. This period of hunting begins with the fall of snow and lasts until the New Year; males are the objects of the hunt. Seven people are enough to participate. A successful moose hunt in winter is facilitated by the collection of individuals in small groups and a small distance of transitions. When the elk crossing is found, some of the hunters (arrows) stay at the tracks, the rest (beaters) go around the herd. In addition to the usual equipment, participants need to take care of careful camouflage, taking into account the peculiarities of the terrain. Elk hunting by corral is an opportunity for experienced hunters to improve their skills and a great opportunity for beginners: as a rule, beginners are lucky here.

Approach hunting with dogs

Hunting for moose from approach with dogs. Success in this type of hunting depends on 80% of the ability of the dogs to keep the animal until the hunter approaches. You should approach the elk carefully and at the same time quickly, otherwise the elk that senses the person will break through the dogs, and it will be difficult to stop. Hunting moose from the approach is difficult, but at the same time an exciting event that will not leave indifferent even the most experienced hunter.

Moose hunting

  • Trophy elk
    Trophy elk

    organization of moose hunting

    от 120 000
  • Elk adult
    85 000
  • Elk up to one year old
    60 000

Hunting is carried out accompanied by a huntsman

Roe deer hunting

  • Trophy roe
    Trophy roe

    trophy male

    от 35 000
  • Adult roe deer
    25 000
  • Roe deer individuals up to a year
    20 000

Hunting is carried out accompanied by a huntsman

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