boar hunting

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One of the types of wild boar hunting is tower hunting . The main advantage is that the view is significantly increased and the risk of hitting the female is excluded. Therefore, the use of a tower when hunting wild boar makes it possible to selectively shoot the animal. In addition, this method of hunting is safer than approaching the herd on the ground.

On the territory of our hunting farm, near guaranteed feeding, there are spacious towers. The towers are equipped with a comfortable chair in case your legs get numb. The shooting distance when hunting wild boar from a tower is from 30 to 300 m. For participants in night hunting for wild boar, a thermal imager and a night sight are rented.

approach hunting

It is very difficult to wait for a wild boar in summer. At this time, the animal walks widely and is not attached to feeding. For hunters who do not want to languish in a long and passive wait, we can organize hunting for a cleaver from the approach. The highlight of this method lies in the fact that the wild boar, preoccupied with the search for food, loses its vigilance, and the noise it makes makes it difficult to hear the sounds of the approaching hunter. The hunting farm has 20 forage fields , and the hunter has the opportunity to walk around 7 fields per night. It is necessary to approach the field very quietly - although wild boars are very noisy, they have a keen hearing, and they can easily notice an inadvertently approaching person. Having crept to the field, the hunter climbs the tower. The reliability of the structure ensures climbing stairs without squeaking and noise.

Wild boar hunting prices

  • Trophy boar
    Trophy boar

    Organization of wild boar hunting

    от 45 000
  • Wild boar weighing over 150 kg
    40 000
  • Wild boar weighing from 100 to 150 kg
    35 000
  • Wild boar weighing up to 100 kg
    25 000
  • Wild boar up to a year
    20 000

Hunting is carried out accompanied by a huntsman

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