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Do you like to hunt big game? Then in our hunting farm "Chugunaevskoe" you can order a commercial bear hunt. Prices are affordable.

In order to get such prey, there should be several hunters, since the dexterity and strength of the beast should not be underestimated. On our grounds, we organize an individual bear hunt, accompanied by an experienced huntsman. Its duration ranges from 5 days.

Types of paid bear hunting in the Chugunaevskoye hunting farm :

  • C storage;
    This type requires a firm hand and a confident shot. The labaz is a special wooden flooring in oat fields where animals go out to feast on.
  • Approach C.
    Suitable exclusively for experienced hunters. It is also used in the fields in cases where storage sheds are ineffective.
  • Advantages of hunting for a bear in the hunting farm "Chugunaevskoye"

    • The farm is located in one of the most ecologically clean areas of the Tyumen region;
    • Accompaniment by an experienced huntsman
    • Issuance of licenses for the right to hunt on the territory of the land;
    • Provision of transport;
    • At the base for hunting bears and other animals and game there is a cottage, a bathhouse, ATVs, snowmobiles and more;
    • Possibility of setting up a guarded tent camp in a pine forest.
    • The possibility of cutting carcasses at the base.

Bear hunting

  • Brown bear
    Brown bear
    90 000

Hunting is carried out accompanied by a huntsman

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